Fair Trade

The term "fair trade" describes cocoa products that have been certified by a certification body in order to ensure that producers in developing countries obtain improved pricing, better working conditions and sustainability. The certifying body Fair-trade, Australia and New Zealand has the following objective:

"Fair-trade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices, Fair-trade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives."The Chocolate Box supports the above objectives through the association of its suppliers of cocoa products with the international organisations including World Cocoa Foundation and International Cocoa Initiative.

For further information please refer:
International Cocoa Initiative www.worldcocoafoundation.org
World Cocoa Foundation www.worldcocoafoundation.org

Child Slavery


The Chocolate Box recognises that unfair working conditions exist in some regions where cocoa products are sourced, but strongly support our cocoa suppliers who are involved in the elimination of unfair labour practices. Our suppliers source cocoa ingredients from active members of the following organisations:

1. International Cocoa Initiative (ICI)This Foundation was established between industry, community and government to promote and support the industry protocol within the major cocoa producing countries of West Africa. The Foundation has been effective in preventing the participation of children in excessive or unsafe labour practices on farms, and rehabilitating children to safe shelters.

2. World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)The WCF is committed to the goal of eliminating child labour in the cocoa sector, and to promote a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development, and environmental conservation in cocoa-growing communities.The Chocolate Box supports these initiatives and continues to monitor the outcomes of these programs through our suppliers.Our company remains committed to sourcing products that use selected ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers that are accredited under an established Approved Supplier Program.The cocoa products that are used in our products are sourced from highly regarded multi-national suppliers who are actively seeking to promote the removal of unfair child labour practices in the cocoa-producing countries.

For further information please refer:
International Cocoa Initiative www.cocoainitiative.org
World Cocoa Foundation www.worldcocoafoundation.org