Exceptional service. You received my order at 9 minutes to 3:00 yesterday and had it dispatched within 18 minutes!!!! It was delivered today.
Doug, QLD, Australia, Mar 2016
Thank you for your help regarding my order, it arrived today in time for Christmas ...Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!
Jim Morrison, Australia, Dec 2015
I would like to just congratulate and compliment you on the staff at your store at the Royal Women's Hospital. I work for a surgeon and every year we organise the chocolates that he gives staff etc. as gifts through your RWH store. The staff are extremely helpful and incredibly pleasant and I just wanted to make sure you are aware of what assets they are to your organisation.
Annie Allman, Melbourne , Dec 2015
The chocolates arrived safely and swiftly today, and are now safely tucked away in my fridge. Unfortunately, because of our hot and humid weather (in Singapore), they have to be kept refrigerated. But I made sure I wolfed down a few (aniseed) rings whilst they were still Aussie-fresh. Thanks very much for arranging this for me.
Gloria, Singapore, Jul 2015
Chocolates were received and are perfect as always. Thank you so very much for your help! Look forward to shopping with The Chocolate Box again very shortly.
Katie, VIC, Australia, Jun 2015
A big thank you to your company. You have very helpful and friendly staff. I placed an order on Friday at your Melbourne office and it was delivered first thing to Canberra on Monday morning. Excellent service!
Diane, Canberra, ACT, Australia, May 2015
Exemplary service.....We have just received our "Chocolate sultanas" and were overwhelmed by the care taken with the packaging of the parcel. We have been shopping online for years and have never seen such wonderful, professional service. The sultanas look absolutely delicious - we are having great difficulty restraining ourselves from opening them as they are a gift.....At the moment my husband is pouring over your catalogue drooling and making his selections for our next purchase. Many, many thanks - We will be back!!
Robyn, TAS, Australia, Apr 2015
Just wanted to write to say I received the box with my order today. May I say it’s a pleasure to receive in excellent condition (OK the gel pack was gel not solid – put in freezer at work & now solid to take home) I’m sure my 2 friends will enjoy what I bought them.
Liz, Perth, WA, Australia, Apr 2015
Just like to thank you for an excellent service. My Easter gifts to my daughter and son were delivered in perfect condition and very promptly. Perfect! Thank you
Karen, Australia, Apr 2015
Thank you very much for the safe arrival of the Easter chocolates including Bilby to Townsville (ordered from Edinburgh Scotland.) Apparently they are delicious and survived the heat!
Jill, Edinburgh, Scotland, Apr 2015
I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery of my first order of Easter Eggs & chocolates from your company. My family loved the quality of your chocolate. Thanks again.
Gia, Kingsley, WA, Australia, Apr 2015
I placed an Easter order with you last week. I just wanted to thank you for your fast delivery, good service and the care you took packaging my item. The chocolates were also delicious! (I had a sneaky try)
Meagan, Australia, Mar 2015
Order received. Beautifully packaged, thank you.
Paddy, QLD, Australia, Mar 2015
Just wanted to say thanks for the super quick delivery of my Easter eggs – they were extremely well packaged and arrived completely intact!
Dorothy, Adelaide, SA, Australia, Mar 2015
I just received my Easter order & I wanted to pass on my thanks to you at The Chocolate Box for such wonderful speedy service; our chocolates came so wonderfully wrapped and packed, looking forward to shopping with you again very soon. Once again thank you very much.
Katie, Australia, Mar 2015
Again you leave me astounded with your efficiency. The chocolates have already arrived to a very happy person & it's made her day. I cannot get over what a wonderful company you are to deal with. I do wish others would follow your extremely brilliant service.
Anne, Australia, Jan 2015
Thank you very much for your assistance in placing my order for your Santa Crate last Monday. I would also like to congratulate and thank you for the very efficient delivery of my order. I was most surprised and very impressed to learn from my daughter-in-law last night that their gift had arrived safe and sound at Mt. Perry, Queensland yesterday.
Susan, Australia, Dec 2014
I've tried The Chocolate Box goodies before and went online to see what was available for Christmas. My whole online shopping experience has been amazing. Not only will I gift loved ones with hampers this season these things were awesome: - variety of hampers and prices - free delivery - arrived in Canberra exactly 24 hours after I ordered them!!! - beautiful packaging Fabulous work guys. Well done and THANKYOU.
Pamela, Canberra, ACT, Australia, Dec 2014
Thanks so much for the excellent job you did of sending the chocolates. The friend I sent them to, was truly impressed with the careful packaging and general presentation.
Madeleine, QLD, Australia, Dec 2014
Received this order yesterday and wanted to say thank you for the quick turnaround and the exceptional care taken when packing it. Everything was unharmed and not melted despite it being at the post office for a day. Will order yet again and continue to drop by when I visit the Boral office in Melbourne :) All have a happy Christmas :)
Lisa, Australia, Dec 2014
Huge bouquets to your packing team! The chocs arrived today in perfect condition....the superb packing surrounding the packets of chocs ensured that the temp remained constantly cool during transit. When I unpacked the box, the freezer pack had partially thawed but still had a frozen central core, which I thought was pretty impressive. Given the weather forecast for ACT over the next few days, with soaring temps predicted, I was very relieved that our order arrived so promptly and in good time before the coming hot weather. Our chocs are now carefully packed away in a cool, dark cupboard and we will do our best to forget that they are there until we bring them for our family at Christmas. I suspect that there might be a few chocs missing by then though….they are without a doubt the best chocs in Oz and we wish you had an outlet here in Canberra!
Gaye and Rob, Canberra, NSW, Australia, Dec 2014
I would like to THANK-YOU so much for your service & quick delivery on my order. Your follow up on the date I nominated was brilliant. This was only sent yesterday (ordered a week ago) & it was received today all the way over to BROOME, W.A. It has taken me longer to personally fly over in the past (& that was QANTAS). I'm astounded and greatly overwhelmed @ your efficiency & sales service. Congratulations .... Someone has actually got it RIGHT. !!!!! All the best to your business & Merry Christmas to you all. (I'm sure your product will be equally as astounding when they finally open their gift on Christmas Day)
Anne, Broome, WA, Australia, Dec 2014
Hi Guys My order arrived today, in perfect condition and packed superbly. Super fast postage, as always. You guys are such a great company, the reason, I return each Christmas and buy my chocolate from you.
Kerry, VIC, Australia, Dec 2014
Received my parcel today. Was packed very well. You do such a wonderful job. Thank you.
Julie, NSW, Australia, Nov 2014
We appreciate your help and compliment you on such great service. When you get old, you will understand more fully, that small kindnesses as you have afforded us, are very touching. Neville and I wish you and your staff all the best that Christmas and New year can offer.
Kay and Neville, Yowie Bay, NSW, Australia, Nov 2014
Thank you so very much for the beautiful card and the yummy treats you sent me, they arrived and I was so surprised when I opened the box, as you are the only online shop that has ever sent me a present, and I shop a lot online, as we live in a rural area, it is so much easier for me. I must tell you I share your delicious goodies with family and friends and even our local butcher, last Friday I took him a bag of your Chocolate Pretzels and Chocolate Macadamias and he loves them so much, he rang to tell me he has already eaten both bags!!!! So you are making so many people up here on MT Tamborine so very happy and a little bit heavier with your mouth watering chocolates, and my friend's children are addicted to your chocolate coated Raspberries, but they are only allowed one a day, so when they arrive home from school, they stand at the cupboard waiting every day for their treat. And I am addicted to your Chocolate Macadamias, and my husband just adores your pretzels, and the big box I sent to my Father in law for his 90th Birthday, he was just overjoyed, he is a chocoholic, and already has eaten his way through half the box, they really are the most delicious chocolates we have ever tasted, so a very big Thank You for making us all so very happy.
Jenny, Mt Tamborine, QLD, Australia, Sep 2014
I received my order the following day - last Friday. Beautifully packed and fabulous service, thank you very much.
Sandra L, Australia, Jul 2014
I just received your generous surprise pack. Thank you very much from all of us. Your manner in dealing with our concerns has been exceptional. We will very much enjoy the gifts, you have rekindled our chocolate happiness. The marshmallows look amazing!
Danielle, Australia, Jun 2014
My order has arrived already! Thank you for such prompt delivery, I can't believe it is already here! They look absolutely delicious, I will be recommending your company to my friends and family.
Sandra, NSW, Australia, Jun 2014
Just wanted to let you know your surprise parcel has to be THE swishest best box of chocolates ever to come through my door. Even the box is stunning. I have made an admirable start on them.
Gina, Australia, Apr 2014
Thank you again for the excellent delivery service and the scrumptious Easter chocolates, I will only eat one packet of the hazelnut praline eggs and keep the rest to share during Easter, they are just so delicious though, it will be extremely difficult to not eat them all. I am hoping to hit the Melbourne shops in May and one stop will definitely be The Chocolate Box! Thank you again and do hope the Easter Bunny comes to you all.
Pam, Australia, Apr 2014
Thank you for letting me know (that my delivery arrived safely). Very happy with the speedy delivery, I will be using your services again. I'm overseas at the moment so it was really nice to know somebody was taking care of my Valentine's surprise despite my late order.
Amanda, Australia, Feb 2014
Marion thanks so much for your email, I received a box of your chocolates for Christmas and they were absolutely delightful and didn't last very long at all. I look forward to receiving further correspondence from you and eating more of your chocolates. Happy New Year!
Carol, Australia, Jan 2014
Thank you so much for the information. The choc's were received in perfect condition and are now being enjoyed your service is very much appreciated. Thank you once again and Merry Christmas.
Olga, Australia, Dec 2013
I just want say a big Thank You for going out of your way to make my 12 year old granddaughter so happy. She had broken her leg and I was wanting to cheer her up with something nice! Thanks for doubling up the size of the Rocks too because of the delivery problems. She really liked the Rocks!
Ross, Auckland, New Zealand, Nov 2013
My order arrived last week and I was just contacting you to say how delicious everything is - thank you very much!
Kate, Australia, Jul 2013
I would like to thank you for the brilliant service,my Mum got her chocolates on Friday before Mother's Day she was over the moon with the surprise she has recently gone blind, I would normally get flowers, but what's the point in that when you cannot see them. So I googled and found The Chocolate Box. My Mum was one very happy lady with her chocolates.
Karen, Sydney, NSW, Australia, May 2013
Since my son emigrated to Oz, I have ordered a number of times from you - he particularly loves the Chocolate Covered Raspberries. We have just returned from visiting our son and his Australian partner, to see our first grandson who arrived in December. They live in Sydney, from where I placed the order, the Easter Hamper, to be delivered to Brisbane, where we all spent the Easter weekend. The order was delivered promptly, on the Tuesday before Easter, and remained unopened pending our arrival on Good Friday. Everyone was delighted with the lovely package and its contents, especially my son, as his favourite Chocolate Raspberries were included. When we left last Friday, only a few eggs remained. So this was the first time my wife and I have sampled your products, and I have to say we were impressed. But the main purpose of this email is to thank you especially for the Easter Card and its message which had been beautifully handwritten exactly as I had typed it, a lovely touch. So thank you again for your service, and I will certainly place further orders in the future, and hope to share some on our next visit, which will be in 2014 hopefully.
Brian, United Kingdom, Apr 2013
My name is Penny Howard and I had a problem with an Easter order. Thank you for promptly organizing my reimbursement and for the lovely card and gift. Both were much appreciated and the chocolates were divine.
Penny, Australia, Apr 2013
I would like to say a big thank you for your efficiency in processing my online order – I placed an order yesterday and it arrived today, much to my and my daughters delight! That’s exceptional service – thank you. Look forward to enjoying all of my products!
Anita, TAS, Australia, Mar 2013
I wanted to express my sincere thanks, personally and on behalf of my company Support Group Services Pty Ltd. The order was for gifts to our staff for Easter and it was important we received the order prior to the Easter break. Unfortunately Australia Post let us both down, but The Chocolate Box were able to rectify the problem by re-packing the order for collection at a store close by. Thank you again for the efficient and prompt response to what was a difficult problem to resolve in a short time frame. I would gladly buy from The Chocolate Box again.
Karen, VIC, Australia, Mar 2013
To all of you at The Chocolate Box. My order arrived promptly & in perfect condition. All of the chocolates are delicious, but the frozen strawberries are truly amazing. Once again, thank you very much from a very satisfied customer.
Janice, Australia, Jan 2013
Thank you so much I received my order so quick,I was able to take them Away on holiday. I do like the plain honeycomb, choc pretzels and the frozen Dried strawberries were delicious!!! Everything else my hubby ate!!
Donna, Australia, Dec 2012
I would like to say a sincere thank you for the prompt and professionally packaged chocolates i received today, I was initially worried about the chocolates melting before I received them but with the chiller pack in the foam box they were fine. I can honestly say it is the nicest chocolate i have ever eaten, I will certainly be buying your from your range of products from now on.
John, Australia, Dec 2012
Thanks for speaking with me on the phone yesterday. I wanted to thank your staff for getting my order out so promptly. I regularly order from The Chocolate Box but with always plenty of notice. This time, I had left it to last minute. I ordered at approx. 9am Tuesday and my father had received the order by 10am Wednesday in REMOTE Victoria. That is outstanding service. Another very positive experience with your company. Thank you.
Jackie, Australia, Oct 2012
Thank you package has already arrived here in Tassie and delivered to my door. Great service, thank you.
Anthony, TAS, Australia, Oct 2012
Thanks very much Marion. Order arrived today and my old man is stoked for the fathers day chocolate. I'm really happy with your web site, delivery and correspondence. I will definitely recommend you to others.
Cam, NSW, Australia, Aug 2012
My order has arrived already! Thank you for such prompt delivery, I can't believe it is already here! They look absolutely delicious, I will be recommending your company to my friends and family.
Shani, NSW, Australia, Aug 2012
Mum was absolutely delighted with her gift. Thank you for your excellent service and helping us to bring some joy to our dearest Mum on her 98th Birthday. Keep at it!
Brent & Wendy, ACT, Australia, Jul 2012
Thank you for your email, and for the prompt delivery to my daughter in Wagga Wagga - I had a very appreciative phone call from the whole family last night. I will certainly make use of your services again. At the age of 80, it makes shopping easy!
Marion, Australia, Jul 2012
Thank you so much for making my sister's birthday surprise so special. She even posted us some of her chocolates as she had so many - they tasted delicious - we won't be looking anywhere else next time we choose to send chocolates as a gift.
Karen M, Daylesford, VIC, Australia, Jun 2012
Awesome stuff. Thanks for the excellent service. Your hot weather protection is great value for money. I'll definitely be coming back for some more Willie's bars in the future, the Venezuelan has this lovely taste that goes on for ages (don't ask me what it is, I need more time to work it out properly).
David, QLD, Australia, Jan 2012