We always have complimentary gift cards available to add to your order during the checkout process. When nominating your shipping address in step 2 of the order process, ensure 'personalized message' is checked, and write your message for the recipient into the space provided. During Christmas and Easter we have seasonal gift cards available to suit your purchase. If you do not choose to send a gift card, the recipient will receive the gift anonymously. 

Researchers have discovered that chocolate contains phenylethlamine (PEA), which is the amphetamine like chemical present in the human brain that helps arouse emotions. So can chocolate make you amorous? Chocolate does have texture and taste with sensuous overtones but not enough PEA to alter your emotions.

Compounded chocolate is made with vegetable fat instead of cocoa butter, and since chocolate derives a lot of its flavour from the cocoa butter component, compounded chocolate does not have the same rich flavour. The most expensive ingredient in chocolate is cocoa butter, and the use of vegetable fat substitute means that compounded chocolate is also much cheaper to produce. 

We constantly add new products to the site, especially seasonal ranges such as Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day and Easter. Occasionally products are not available due to being sold out or simply no longer manufactured. Please enquire if you can't find a favourite!

All of our chocolates sold via our online store have between a 3 - 18 month best before date. Weekly deliveries are made to our warehouse in Port Melbourne of fresh stock, due to the high turnover between our retail and online stores, especially during peak seasonal times. 

Follow our detailed instructions below to perfectly temper high quality chocolate:

1. Using a double-boiler, or two saucepans of varying size, place the chocolate pieces in the smaller saucepan. Fill the second saucepan with water and heat to a low temperature of approximately 45°C

2. Place the saucepan containing the chocolate over the second saucepan and allow the chocolate to melt slowly. Heat very gently, stirring regularly to avoid burning the chocolate. DO NOT allow the cooking temperature to exceed 50°C, and never heat your chocolate over a naked flame.

3. Cool chocolate to a temperature of approximately 27°C for milk chocolate, or 27°C to 28°C for dark chocolate by leaving on a marble or cold table, or by submerging your saucepan partly into cold water. Stir continually, constantly scraping the chocolate from the sides of the bowl. Take care that no water is allowed into the chocolate as the mixture will become thick and unusable.

4. Return the saucepan of chocolate to the pot of warm water, stirring constantly, raise the temperature of the chocolate to 30°C- 32°C for dark chocolate or 29°C - 31°C for milk chocolate. The chocolate is now ready for moulding or dipping. Centres for dipping should be at 20°C - 25°C.

5. Cool finished products at 14°C - 18°C in a dry place. DO NOT refrigerate, or risk condensation.

6. Unused chocolate can be removed and re-used in the above manner.

Chocolate should be stored in a cool place at room temperature away from strong light. We don't recommend refrigeration of couverture chocolate, which is used in most The Chocolate Box products. The other type of chocolate, called compound, is a more robust but generally not as high quality type of chocolate that may be less affected by refrigeration. Chocolate should be kept away from extremes of heat and cold, and away from strongly smelling foods like onions.


Below are some helpful hints on the care of your chocolate.

Store the product in a cool, dry and ventilated room.
Keep away from strong light temperature: 14-22° centigrade, humidity: preferably less than 50%.

Use air conditioning where possible and avoid fluctuations in temperature as these may cause condensation to the product. Avoid dampness as the chocolate develops a sugar bloom when moisture collects on the surface of the chocolate. Chocolate stored in overly warm conditions will show fat bloom, which is caused when stable cocoa butter crystals melt, reform as the unstable variety and then transform back to larger crystals that appear on the surface. Neither type of bloom renders the chocolate unusable. It just doesn't look as fresh.

If you need to refrigerate, place chocolates in an airtight container then wrap the container in a towel before placing in the fridge. When you wish to use the chocolate remove from fridge, leaving container wrapped in the towel, until it has warmed to room temperature. It will then be less likely that blooming will occur.

Simply email your question to enquiries@chocolatebox.com.au and we will endeavour to send a reply within 24 hours. Alternatively you can ring our Melbourne head office on (03) 9676 6400

1. Nutrition and Chocolate - Nutritional Facts about Chocolate. You've read the news articles about stranded mountain-climbers and adventurers surviving out in the wilds under freezing conditions with nothing but a bar of chocolate... So what are chocolate's magical ingredients? Sugar, yes, but lets take a look at the whole package... Chocolate contains many valuable nutrients such as calcium, phosphates, protein, vitamin D, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, as well as small amounts of other vitamins and minerals.

2. Chocolate and your skin. There is a widely held belief that eating chocolate will cause your skin to break out in pimples or acne, but dermatologists believe that no food 'causes' pimples or acne, in spite of the anecdotal evidence. It is more likely a combination of factors. Dermatologists believe that acne has far more to do with heredity than diet and when it comes to chocolate - it may be more likely that it is the guilt from eating chocolate, rather than the chocolate itself which makes people's skin break out.

3. Chocolate and your heart. There is growing evidence that small amounts of dark chocolate consumed regularly have a beneficial effect on the health of the human heart. e.g New Scientist: Eating Chocolate May Halve Risk of Dying.

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The Chocolate Box will happily refund or organise a replacement for your order for the following reasons:

1) You're not 100% satisfied with the quality of the product, or it has been damaged during delivery.
2) You have purchased hot weather protection and your order has still melted.
3) You've received the incorrect products in your order.

To start the returns process, please email us at enquiries@chocolatebox.com.au or phone + 61 3 9676 6400 

1) Please quote your order number (online order, phone order) or the store that your product was purchased from.

If your parcel has melted or you're unhappy with the quality, we may ask you to supply a photo to support your returns claim. 

If the return is being done due to something being wrong with the order, we will cover the full costs of this being sent back to our head office in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
Parcels can be dropped at a local post office in their original box, with RTS (Return to Sender) written on the label. This will then charge the return delivery fee back to us.

If a refund is approved, this will be done via the same payment method in which you placed your order; so either a credit card, bank transfer or PayPal payment. 
Refunds can take 3-4 business days to process, depending on bank providers. 

If we are re-sending something out to you that has either been left off an order, or didn't arrive in good condition, then The Chocolate Box will cover this charge to redeliver these products to you. 

During the warmer months of the year (November - April) we advise that you purchase a 'Hot Weather Pack' which will ensure your chocolates stay cool during transit. If this is not purchased, and your chocolates arrive melted, we will not provide a refund.

Please ensure you provide us with the full address for the recipient (including company name or unit number if applicable) and ensure the recipient is going to be home on the delivery date requested. If the parcel is returned to the post office, and is not collected after 5 business days, it will be returned to us. In this instance, we will charge you the standard $14.99 delivery fee to resend the parcel to the correct address. We will not refund your order if incorrect or insufficient delivery information is provided. 

You can apply for a return or refund on your order up to 1 month after the order has been placed. 

Please contact your nearest Chocolate Box store or order online.